Tet 2017 Ticket Locations:

Thank you for your interest at our event!!!

  1. You can buy ticket at the ticket booth during the day-of-event,
  2. You can buy ticket at our ticket locations, OR
  3. You can reserve your ticket right here at our site, and pickup at our ticket booth on the day-of

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Tickets (Convenience Fee Included)
Will Call Name (First, Last)
Email/Phone Number

- Austin Rainbow Bouquet

​   10901 North Lamar Boulevard

- Chua Lien Hoa


- Full Tax Services

​   1006 East Yager Lane

- Thánh Thất Cao Đài       

    12316 Ryden St


- Hoi Cao Nien

​   8222 Jamestown

- Giáo Xứ Các Thánh

             Tử Đạo Việt Nam        

    1107 E Yager Ln.

- Hội Thánh Tin Lành   

​   1501 Kramer Lane​  

- Duy Restaurant

​   10901 North Lamar Boulevard

- Silkcut Hair Salon

​   10901 North Lamar Boulevard

- Chua Linh Son

​   4604 Duval Road

- Chùa Pháp Hoa        

    203 Provines Dr.

- Farmers Office

​   11601 N. Lamar Blvd. Bldg #2

Any of our VACAT officers or volunteers!

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If you're business would like to be one our our distribution sites, please contact us!